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Michele Tramontana - Prints - Golf Courses

13th Hole at King Edward Bay

13th Hole at Peel

14th Hole at Peel

16th Hole at Port St. Mary

17 Hole at Ramsey

17th Hole at Castletown

17th Hole at Glen Truan

17th Hole at Rowany

17th Tee at Castletown

18th Hole at Glen Truan

18th Hole at Ramsey

1st at Ramsey

1st King Edward Bay

3rd Hole at Glen Truan

4th Hole at Mount Murray

5th Hole at Mount Murray

7th Hole at Pulrose

8th and 11th Holes at Rowany

9th Hole at Castletown

Approach to 15th Green

Castletown Golf Links

King Edward Bay

Mount Murray Golf Club

Pulrose Golf Club

Rowany Golf Club

Rowany Looking East

The Golf Links

Towards the 19th, Peel

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