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Prints and Gifts - Manx Jewellery

Gold Circular Manx Brooch

Gold Circular Manx Cuff-links

Gold Circular Manx Pendant

Gold Circular Manx Pendant Earrings

Gold Circular Manx Stud Earrings

Gold Triangle Manx Brooch

Gold Triangle Manx Cuff-links

Gold Triangle Manx Drop Earrings

Gold Triangle Manx Pendant

Gold Triangle Manx Stud Earrings

Silver Circular Manx Brooch

Silver Circular Manx Cuff-links

Silver Circular Manx Drop Earrings

Silver Circular Manx Pendant

Silver Circular Manx Stud Earrings

Silver Triangle Manx Brooch

Silver Triangle Manx Charm

Silver Triangle Manx Cuff-links

Silver Triangle Manx Drop Earrings

Silver Triangle Manx Pendant

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