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Michele Tramontana was born on the 18th December, 1947, in Sferracavallo, Sicily; a small fishing village along the coast from Palermo. There, he grew up among the sun-drenched hills and fields and brightly-coloured fishing boats, hence his abiding love of land and seascapes.

In 1966 he came to live in the Isle of Man and at the age of 24 years, he began to feel his vocation for painting. His father-in-law, an artist, had a studio full of paintings which Michele started to take an interest in, and greatly admired. So encouraged by his wife, Brenda, he began his artistic career. He joined the local society, the 'Mannin Art Group' and six months later, in their winter exhibition, he was awarded second prize.

According to Michele, his first exhibition, which was very successful, in 1979, was only the beginning of his career, for there is a whole world yet to be discovered. And his fascination with the mystery of light and shadow, and the moods of nature, makes the Isle of Man a perfect place for the life-long school of learning.

In 1982 he had a one-man exhibition in Helensburgh, Scotland. Then in 1989 he opened his own gallery and became a full-time artist. Since then, there have been two more very successful exhibitions: 1991 'Churches throughout the Isle of Man', and obviously varied and beautiful subject as anyone familiar with the Island will know.

And in 1993, 'The Year of Manx Railways', when the Victorian engineering of the steam and electric railways presented a completely new challenge to Michele's drawing skills.

Michele's works continue to evolve and improve as he sees and finds new depth in light and colour. His pictures, drawings, water-colours and oils are collected by both the private and public sector. As far a field as New Zealand and Australia, Canada and the U.S.A, South Africa, Spain, France and of course . . . Italy.

Michele's latest achievement is to have one of his pictures, Snowdrops, published by the Folio Society,in a book entitled A Gardener's Year. Of all the pictures used in the book, Michele's is the only one painted by a living artist. Other artists include Klimt, Constable, Pissarro and Monet.

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